Hello World!

Feb 18, 2018 00:00 · 218 words · 2 minute read


This was bound to happen eventually. I’ve been seeing “start1 a 2 blog3” advice4 all over the place ever since I first dipped a toe into #rstats Twitter, but I figured I couldn’t be bothered with maintaining it. As the negligent owner of a tragically stereotypical (and now defunct) “gap year travel blog,” I’ve been burned before. I didn’t want to create false obligations for myself for nothing, or become the “sorry I haven’t posted” guy.

But, like many around me, I eventually reached a tipping point. The person who got me there was Emily Zabor, a fellow New York R Lady and resident blogdown sage. Emily gave a talk on hosting your own website that I wasn’t even able to go to, but her tutorial materials were so good that it didn’t even matter.

So, thanks to Emily, this space exists. (Others, including Alison Hill and Mara Averick, also wrote super helpful posts that helped me navigate hosting and deploying sites using Netlify and Github.)

I’ll use it primarily for three reasons:

  1. Talking about many Very Weird Side Projects for more than 280 characters.
  2. Writing down, for once and for all, the things I Google on basically a weekly basis.
  3. Peppering my R Markdowns with the occasional Good Place GIF.


Here goes nothing.

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