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Below is a selection of my public work, including academic research, data journalism, and public talks. This page was last updated on 2020-04-30, and is likely to rapidly make itself out of date.

Analysis & data journalism

A selection of blogs and articles written in partnership with ACLU attorneys and communications staff, highlighting data analyses conducted in partnership with these teams. I’m indebted to Sophie Beiers, the ACLU’s data journalist, and many individuals on our tech team, for the polish on nearly all of these graphics.

Reports & papers

Selected talks

  • full_join - Using R to defend immigrant’s rights at the ACLU. NYR Conference, May 2019. ( Slides | Video )

  • R at the ACLU: Joining Tables to reunite families. Rstudio::conf, Jan 2019. ( Video )

  • Open Source Sampling: Building and Remixing Packages in R. NYR Conference, April 2018. ( Slides ( Video )

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